Ts and Cs2


 1.Lead time for our dresses vary depending on the design and details. Our designers will confirm an approximate lead time according to your design.

 2. Lead time for garters, veils or lace robes are three days.


3.  No responsibility will be taken after garments were collected by courier services. Ex: Damage to garment, theft, lost. Garments are double checked before collection.


4.  No responsibility will be taken once alterations has been done by other seamstresses.


5. Alterations required to be done by our local studio and will be done at no cost.



1. a Full  deposit and signed Ts and Cs will settle your order.


2. Only electronic fund transfers accepted.


4. Paying a deposit without signing acceptance of terms and conditions and amount quoted, will substitute for acceptance of terms and                    conditions as well as full amount quoted.



1. No refunds, except in a case where garments have been returned within 10 working days in original and good condition.

2. Cancellations: A cancellation fee may be charged depending on the nature of circumstances.


4. Exchanges allowed if garments have been returned within 10 working days in original and good condition.


Custom services

  1. We only allow our own designs to be ordered.


  1. We refuse making dresses exactly as an image projects as we do not transgress copy rights.




  1. Email and message are acceptable for communicating.